St. Mark's Restoration Updates

Church update 11/07/19

Dear St. Mark's family,
What a magnificent Sunday we had this past week! It was amazing to be back in our sanctuary together and to give thanks for the lives of saints of our church.
This Sunday we are back to our usual schedule!  Worship at 8:30, Sunday School at 9:40 and Worship at 10:50 all on our St. Mark’s campus.
Parking: Our parking lot has limited space. The grass area in front of the Love mural is available for parking and street parking is available on Redan and Pecore. If you live close and are able to walk or bike, that would be helpful. Or if you can drive and park a bit further away to leave close spaces for folks who need them that would be helpful as well.
Sunday School - Enter through the East gate by the sport court for the Children’s Building.
Worship - Enter through either of the gates on the parking lot side or the front sanctuary doors. All other doors will be unavailable.
Childcare: Available all morning in its usual location, first floor of the Children’s Building, for both Sunday School and worship.
Men’s and Women’s restrooms - second floor of the Children’s building.
Family/gender neutral restroom on the first floor of the Children’s building near the north entrance (facing the sanctuary). This restroom is navigable with a walker or cane.
Wheelchair access - an ADA approved portable restroom is available near the row of portable restrooms on the west side of the property.
Overall safety: All areas that are open to us are safe for us to be in. However, it remains important that you do not enter any areas that are blocked off, either outside or inside the building. We remain an active construction site and other areas require safety precautions. Please stay in the children’s building and sanctuary area only.

Sunday School Class Locations

St. Mark’s UMC Children’s Building:

(Please enter on the far east end of the building, near the Sport Court)

First Floor:

Nursery- Room 104
Preschool Sunday School- Room 110
Youth (Grades 6-12)- Room 102
New Pilgrims: Room 115
MMM/Women’s- Room 106
Second Floor:

Kindergarten- 2nd grade- Room 212
Third-Fifth grade- Room 211
Arrows- Room 202
Forum- Cub Scout Room 210
Epworth League- Room 203
Living the Questions- Room 205

Sanctuary Building:

Men’s Class- Choir Room (enter through the east gate and up the back ramp by Sport Court)

Church update 10/04/19

Join us for Sunday school in the following locations from 9:30-10:30am:

St. Mark’s UMC Childrens Building:
(Please enter on the far east end of the building, near the Sport Court)

First Floor:

Nursery- Room 104 (same location)
Preschool Sunday School- Room 110 (same location)
Youth (Grades 6-12)- Room 102
MMM- Room 106
Epworth League- Room 115

Second Floor:

Kindergarten - 2nd grade - Room 212
Third - Fifth grade- Room 211
Women’s Class- Room 205
Arrows- Room 202

Off-site locations:

Forum- at the home of Paula Arnold, 403 Cordell
Contact Will Bateman 713-201-4775

Men’s Class- Berryhill, 702 E 11th St
Contact Vance at 713-444-3854

Living the Questions- at the home of Juli and David Gossett , 1102 Omar
Contact Amber Mollhagen 713-410-3945

New Pilgrims- at the home of Glenda Owen and Kevin Dubose, 3102 Morrison
Contact Steve Schutter

Church update 09/25/19

Dear St. Mark’s family,

What a joy it was to worship with you on Sunday in our partner school, Martinez Elementary. It was just what my heart and soul needed after such a hard weekend. Here are some updates for this coming weekend and on our recovery process:

For Sunday: We are so grateful to our friends at Hogg Middle School who will welcome us into their auditorium for the next several Sundays. There is parking on both sides of the building and you can use the main entry doors, or the side doors which are the accessible entrances. We will still only have one service and no Sunday School this week.

Celebrations: Our day school is re-open as of TODAY! We are thrilled to get our littlest friends back to a bit of normalcy. The children’s building sustained no damage whatsoever in the fire and for that we are thankful. We are also grateful for the folks that worked fast to get utilities turned back on and check everything to make sure our kids will be safe.

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We are also celebrating progress. If you have been by the church, you’ve seen lots of work trucks, supplies and people. The cleaning process has begun, the carpet has been removed throughout the building and scaffolding is already built in the sanctuary to clean the ceiling.

The damage to the building is extensive- including smoke in water damage. The recovery process will be long. But yesterday we were able to go through some of our worship items and pieces from the heritage room and send them for restoration. Our team from Blackmon Mooring has been so helpful in collecting items all over the building that have historical significance or operational importance to our church packed up to restore.

Updates: We still do not have much information on timelines for getting back into other parts of the building. Our first priority was the CDC, so now we move on to the sanctuary. Our project managers know how important that space is to us and are working to get us back into it as quickly as possible.

I was made aware yesterday morning of some speculation on social media about the cause of the fire. I want to stress that speculation or conjecture about the cause only makes a difficult situation more difficult. Right now, we are focused on recovery and restoration.

We are still working to relocate our recovery communities and are so grateful to Grace UMC, Zion Lutheran Church, the Vineyard Church and Bering UMC for taking in our choir, our scouts and our recovery groups.

We are loved so well by this community friends. The words of the hymn that say “All I have needed Thy hand hath provided” have taken on new meaning in my life. Yesterday I posted that we could use some canopies to keep us in the shade while we worked and within an hour 2 had been delivered. Folks have offered us anything we need for worship. What a gift, in spite of everything else, to be where we are.

If you want to help at this point, there are some options below for Saturday. If neighbors are asking how they can support, direct them to and they can donate there. We also have a new PO Box for a temporary mailing address. That address is P.O. Box 30419 Houston TX 77249. If you send anything to the church, please use this address. The staff are currently working remotely and do not have access to the data from our computers. Our emails are all working and that is the best way to be in touch with us. Please refrain from dropping by the church- we ask for your patience as we try to rebuild our usual systems. Our offices were completely destroyed so the staff are working hard to maintain continuity but will need some time be operational.

Thank you all for patience, flexibility and resilience in this season. I’ve felt so many things in these recent days but what I’ve felt most often is gratitude and that is because of who you all are. You’re the best.

With love and gratitude, Pastor Emily

Church update 09/21/19

Our beloved church suffered a fire on Friday, September 20th. We are so thankful that no one was hurt and so thankful to the first responders who controlled the fire quickly, saving the structure and keeping the fire from spreading into our Sanctuary. We do not know when we'll be able to resume worship there; the recovery process will be long.

On Sunday, September 22, we will worship in the cafeteria at Martinez Elementary school (901 Hays, Intersection of Hays at Fulton). There is parking on campus and street parking nearby.

We will post our on-going temporary worship location as soon as we know it. We are so grateful to our community for their presence with us, offers of help and space and for your love and support!

mailing address

P.O. Box 30419, Houston TX 77249


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